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Alumni Involvement

Alumni have myriad opportunities to stay active in the Law School community. Browse below to learn more.

There are a variety of ways our alumni can remain active members of the Law School community. No matter if you live near campus or halfway around the world, there is a Club or Society to keep you connected with the school and fellow alumni. For more information about these groups, please contact Kim Benenhaley (

Clubs & Associations

Clubs are a wonderful way for alumni to stay connected, even though they may be far from the halls of their alma mater. There are alumni clubs for graduates throughout the world and affinity groups are open to alumni who would like to connect based on a shared identity or industry.

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The Kilgore Society

This alumni society, named in honor of the Law School’s first woman graduate, Carrie Burnham Kilgore L’1883, fosters and maintains a community of outstanding Law School women. The society aims to support and increase women in the law, as well as women in positions of leadership in all fields.

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LAS Board of Managers

The Law Alumni Society (LAS) Board of Managers is a group of nominated volunteers who maintain strong connections with the Law School through business meetings with the Dean and service on committees dedicated to priorities at the Law School.

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Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)

GOLD keeps recent graduates connected to each other and involved with the future of the Law School. By providing opportunities for first-hand professional development with other seasoned graduates, as well as social networking activities, GOLD members benefit from the Law School’s most valuable asset - our alumni network.

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Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a leadership group of distinguished alumni who serve as an advisory board for the Dean of the Law School. They help set the goals and priorities of the Law School, ensure that the school has the necessary resources to achieve those goals, and assess the standing of the Law School in relation to the public and professional communities.

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Senior Partners Society

The Senior Partners Society is composed of Law School alumni who graduated over 50 years ago. The Society honors the lives and career achievements of these individuals and provides an important connection with current students, faculty, and the curriculum of the Law School.

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Penn Law European Society

The Penn Law European Society (PLES), started by our illustrious European LLMs in the 1980s, is in fact open to all JD and LLM alumni. The group allows Law School alumni around the world to maintain connected via an annual conference in a different European city each summer.

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