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The Transformative Impact of
BOLD AMBITIONS: The Campaign for Penn Law 


We knew we had to be bold. 

THE TIMES DEMANDED IT. To prepare students for work and service in a global environment, BOLD AMBITIONS: The Campaign for Penn Law transformed what we are capable of achieving.

The generosity of donors, who invested $200 MILLION, surpassed our goal and set in motion a remarkable success story—one that is deepening Penn Law’s influence on the legal academy and making a tangible difference for our entire community.

We are strengthening opportunities for students to combine disciplines, learn experientially, and prepare for careers. Our faculty has grown in size, stature, and scope, and leads an expanded, more diverse combination of curriculum, clinics, and programs. Penn Law’s partnerships flourish within the University and around the world. Our campus is modern, integrated, and reflective of our collaborative culture. 

We have been bold. We are bold. And now we can look to a bold future. 

 The story of this campaign foretells the story of law in the 21st century and beyond.

AN UNMISTAKABLE SHIFT in what it means to be a lawyer places new demands on the profession—and opens new opportunities. A successful lawyer must now be capable of crossing intellectual, cultural, and geographic boundaries. This new paradigm reflects what is required to be a leader and a problem-solver in a more complex, integrated, multidimensional, and synergistic world.

BOLD AMBITIONS responded to this change and anticipated its implications. Our most comprehensive fundraising effort ever, the Campaign developed and expanded Penn Law’s core strengths in this new environment.

Penn Law has always offered a superb legal education. BOLD AMBITIONS has provided the resources to build on this foundation, leverage the unique opportunities before us, and evolve.

The attributes that have always made the Law School distinctive directed our focus and guided this journey: tight-knit community and colleagueship, outstanding research and scholarship, the most interdisciplinary faculty, an emphasis on cross-disciplinary and experiential learning, and above all, a supportive community of successful and generous alumni. 

We must continue to act boldly. 

The generous donors to BOLD AMBTIONS: The Campaign for Penn Law have invested in a distinctive vision of legal education for the 21st century. They have also invested in Penn Law’s bold, capable leadership of a changing profession that touches every part of our lives and every corner of the world. Campaign gifts have enabled a broad range of academic programs and learning opportunities. They have established professorships, scholarships, clinics, and centers. Donors have invested in our culture and in spaces throughout this tight-knit campus. They have met urgent priorities, and cleared paths for new paradigms and ways of thinking. For our students and alumni, these are the building blocks of successful careers in every field of law— serving clients and the world, seeking the best solutions, supporting business and innovation, and advancing international governance and human rights. Even as it strengthens these individual futures, the Campaign has better secured our shared future by growing the Law School endowment by 154 percent, to more than $232 million. A sizeable portion came from unrestricted gifts—a vote of confidence in the institution’s leadership and strategic thinking. By bringing us so far, donors have put us on a trajectory few could have imagined at the beginning of this century. We must continue to pursue our aspiration: a legal education unsurpassed in the world.  Penn Law faculty and leaders, students and alumni have a relentless drive to improve—and bolder ambitions still.