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Penn Law Journal Archive


1969 Fall


1969 Summer

The 1969 Law Alumni Day was of added significance that year, as it was coupled with the rededication of the renovated Law Building. Speakers at Alumni Day included Dean Fordham, Edward H. Levi, President of the University of Chicago, and Honorable Samuel J. Roberts, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. An unexpected addition to the proceedings was a protest in which picketers decried the lack of diversity in the Law School’s student body.
Also in this issue:

  • New column, “…You Mean You’re Not a Lawyer!?,” features Sam Mink, L’33, who initially practiced law, but by 1957, had become a full-time restaurateur.
  • Professor Robert A. Gorman declares new first-year seminar program a success
  • Gowan Fellow, John F. Helgers, L’65, researches business, business-oriented firms, and the schools that serve each.

1969 Alumni Annual Giving


1969 Winter

Law School Professors Louis B. Schwartz, L’35 and Stephen R. Goldstein, L’62 draft a ten-part Police Guidance Manuals for the Philadelphia Police department. The manuals were enthusiastically received by Philadelphia Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo, who called it “The best manual of its kind ever written.” The manuals were to be used as a supplement to the police regulations, not a replacement.
Also in this issue:

  • Arthur J. Goldberg, Ambassador to the United Nations, and former Associate Supreme Court Justice delivers Roberts Lecture
  • Law School Associate Professor Henry S. Ruth, Jr. L’55 appointed the head of Penn anti-crime program
  • “Law Student Services,” a group of over seventy-five Penn, Temple and Villanova law students offer bail recommendation services to the indigent.
  • James C. Luitweiler, L’14, tells an amusing tale of an encounter with Provost Edgar Fahs Smith over a suspicious business endeavor that Luitweiler undertook to help pay for his education.
  • Renovated Main Building opens
  • Initial seminar of the Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer Fellowship Program took place at the Law School
  • Segal Moot Court Room is dedicated

1968 Spring

The essay “Coming of Age at Penn,” by Professor John O. Honnold shares his recollections of the 1946-1947 school years at the Law School, his first as a faculty member. The essay describes dilapidated Law School facilities, as well as the challenges of conducting class, which was often disrupted by city noise. Professor Honnold holds these post-war years to be special to the Law School, as the influx of law students, matured and toughened by war, forced the Law School to virtually double the faculty, who were young and possessed a “missionary zeal to remake legal education.
Also in this issue:

  • Law Alumni Day
  • The Distinguished Service Award
  • Hon. William A. Schnader dies
  • Law School wins Quadrangular Moot Court Competition
  • Frank Zal, L’36 dies

1968 Winter and Fall

This issue of the Penn Alumni Journal is dedicated to Vice Dean Theodore H. Husted, Jr., L’50. After fifteen years at the Law School, Vice Dean Husted left to join a law firm in New York City. Tributes are given by Dean Fordham and Law Alumni Society president, Harold Cramer, L’51, as well as a reflection by Husted on his time at the Law School.
Also in this issue:

  • Helena Clark is hired to replace Irene Barrett as Placement Director
  • In response to inquiries from many alumni, a general statement of the Law School’s admissions policy is presented
  • Law School receives $1.5 million in grants

1967 Fall

J. Russell Cades’, L’28, remarks given at the annual Law Alumni Society luncheon in Honolulu, HI are printed in this edition. Cades discusses three interesting Hawaiian cases, one concerning land valuation, one about surface-water rights, and another concerning the ownership of a whale that had been harpooned by two whaling ships.
Also in this issue:

  • Law School Alumni Annual Giving Final Report 1966-1967
  • Law School Placement Office celebrates fifth year
  • Law Alumni Society institutes the Distinguished Service Award
  • Law School hosts session of National College of State Legislators

1967 Spring

Incumbent Pennsylvania Governor, Raymond P. Shafer, addresses the annual meeting of the Law School Alumni. Citing Mr. Justice Holmes in stating that we live “under a system of laws, not a system of men,” Gov. Shafer’s address is an explanation of nine questions to be voted on in a coming election, concerning the basic charter of the Commonwealth. The governor argues for an affirmative vote on all nine questions.
Also in this issue:

  • Law Alumni Day recap
  • Sydney L. Weintraub, L’25, endows rare book room
  •  Sharswood Club wins Keedy Cup competition
  • Benjamin H Oehlert, Jr., L’33 selected as ambassador to Pakistan
  • Owen J. Roberts Memorial Lecture and Order of the Coif dinner

1967 Winter

Robert P. Lawry, L’66, recounts his year studying at Oxford University as a Gowen fellow, during which he studied under Professor H.L.A. Hart, Professor of Jurisprudence. Lawrey’s academic goal is a Diploma in Law, which he will earn upon the completion and defense of a thesis; his research subject is civil disobedience. He also shares his observations of Oxford’s cultural offerings, bookstores and weather.
Also in this issue:

  • Dean Fordham honored by joint alumni boards
  • Law School hosts Conference on Mutual Funds
  • Arlin M. Adams, L’47, becomes Philadelphia Bar Chancellor
  • Robert M. Bernstein, L’14, heads Law School Capital Needs Committee
  • Edwin H. Burgess, L’14, receives the Alumni Award of Merit

1966 Fall

This issue includes the Law School Alumni Annual Giving Final Report 1965-1966. The report begins with a letter from Alumni Annual Giving chairman informing Dean Fordham that alumni giving for the year had surpassed previous years in both total dollar amount and percentage of alumni participation.
Also in this issue:

  • Gowen fellows study here and abroad
  • Students from broader geographic area
  • Walter Alessandroni, L’38 fund started
  • Law school to be host for trial judges college

1966 Spring

Law Alumni Day 1966 hosts several talks on legal services for the poor. Transcripts of the talks given by the Honorable William H. Hastie, William Pincus and Howard C. Westwood are published in this issue. An overview of the day’s events is also presented.
Also in this issue:

  • Library starts LP record collection
  • Two noted jurists die
  • Colloquium program started
  • Walter Alessandroni, L’38, dies
  • Alumni honor Dean Fordham
  • Cover Story: Law Alumni Day

1966 Winter

Dean Fordham discusses the SAILER Program (Staffing of African Institutions of Legal Education and Research), of which he served as chairman. The program seeks to enable developing countries to have ministries of justice composed of quality lawyers, judges and administrators, through assistance in their legal education institutions.
 Also in this issue:

  • Two new faculty members
  • Former professor John E. Mulder dies
  • Owen J. Roberts Memorial Lecture and Order of the Coif dinner
  • Judge Gerald F. Flood, L’24, dies
  • Planned renovations for Silverman Hall to begin in fall
  • Cover story: Biddle Law Library acquired a woodblock print depicting Japanese laws and ordinances