The Brief: Law School News and Events

Bulletin Board

ANITA ALLEN was named deputy dean for Academic Affairs. She will be joined as deputy dean by Cary Coglianese, who is serving the second year of his two-year term. She has also been appointed by President Obama to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Penn president Amy Gutmann chairs the commission.

STEPHANOS BIBAS and the students in his Supreme Court Clinic helped shape the arguments for a U.S. Supreme Court case that questioned whether the Sixth Amendment guarantees effective counsel for non-citizen criminal defendants.

STEPHEN B. BURBANK testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in December that recent rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court have circumvented the power of Congress by undermining access to court and the constitutional right to trial by jury.

CARY COGLIANESE edited Import Safety: Regulatory Governance in the Global Economy with co-editors Adam M. Finkel and David Zaring.

ERIC FELDMAN represented Penn Law at the first East Asian Law and Society conference in Hong Kong.

AMY GADSDEN published an article entitled "From the Prisoners to the People: America's Human Rights Policy toward China 20 Years after Tiananmen" at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, where she is a senior fellow.

HOWARD LESNICK published Religion in Legal Thought and Practice (Cambridge University Press). The book examines how religious beliefs and practices channel the moral stances we take in public and private life.

SETH KREIMER published papers in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Lewis & Clark Law Review arguing that there is no constitutional basis for a right to public information, but that the Freedom of Information Act nevertheless performs an important role in society.

STEPHEN MORSE was named associate director of the newly launched Penn Center for Neuroscience and Society.

SARAH PAOLETTI moderated Penn Law's "Forum on Haiti: Relief, Recovery and Aid," which brought together a journalist, an aid worker and the president of the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia.

PAUL ROBINSON and the students in his Criminal Law Research Group were commissioned by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to investigate how well punishments fit their crimes under Pennsylvania state law.

KERMIT ROOSEVELT was a 2009 honoree for Exemplary Legal Writing by legal-writing journal The Green Bag for his essay "Justice Cincinnatus: David Souter a dying breed, the Yankee Republican," which was published in Slate.

DAVID RUDOVSKY received the Pennsylvania ACLU's inaugural Keystone of Civil Liberties Award for his work furthering civil rights in cases involving governmental misconduct, prisoners' rights, first amendment freedoms and racial discrimination.

CATHERINE STRUVE moderated a discussion between four federal court judges who gathered at Penn Law in February to discuss "problems with precedent", or issues that members of the judiciary face when confronted with contradictory judicial precedents, en banc proceedings and unpublished opinions.

AMY WAX published Race, Wrongs, and Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st Century with cooperation from the Hoover Institution.

TOBIAS B. WOLFF discussed the future of marriage equality with civil rights attorney Eva Jefferson Paterson during a program at UCLA's Hammer Museum.

CHRISTOPHER YOO testified on how piracy law applies to live sports broadcasting over the Internet before the House Judiciary Committee, and spoke at the Federal Communications Commission's workshop on "Innovation, Investment and the Open Internet."