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Earlier generations of Law Alumni helped open these doors to you, now it's your chance to continue the tradition.
Penn Law ad Spring 2010
Many Penn Law Alumni have provided for the future of the school and established a lasting legacy by including the Law School as a beneficiary in their estate plans. Bequests and beneficiary designations, both large and small, have been crucial to Penn Law's success since its founding, and remain among the largest source of scholarship support each year.

Including Penn Law in your estate plans is as simple as naming the school as a beneficiary of your 401(k), IRA, or other retirement plan. For those in the highest tax brackets, such a technique not only supports Penn Law, it can also save over 70% in estate and income taxes. Penn Law welcomes your bequest of cash, property or a percentage of your estate through your will or living trust.

Benefits of an Estate Intention
  • Enables you to make a significant contribution that may otherwise not have been possible during your lifetime.
  • The value of an estate intention reduces your taxable estate.
  • When set up as a percentage, an estate intention allows for changes based on the value of your assets.