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In Memoriam

Hon. Barron P. McCune, Lí38, judge for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

Hon. James E. Buckingham, Lí48, judge for the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas

Lambert B. Ott, Lí49, practiced law for nearly 60 years

Donald A. Purdy, Lí49, former president of Keystone Federal Savings Bank

William D. Valente, Cí46, Lí49, emeritus professor of law at Villanova University

Martin W. Binder, Lí52, practiced law in Reading, Pa. for 50 years

Gerald Silverman, Lí55, practiced law in Philadelphia for 50 years

Edward F. Beatty, Jr., Lí56, real estate lawyer

John T. Mulligan, Lí59, practiced real estate and condemnation law

Hon. Alexander Endy, Lí62, judge of the Chester County Orphans Court and the family court

Steven R. Waxman, Lí70, practiced commercial litigation and employment and labor law

William S. Stevens, Lí75, assistant director for the American Law Institute and the American Bar Associationís continuing education program in Philadelphia

Mark Blank, Cí73, Lí76, staff attorney with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.