Bumper Crop

The Great Reckoning

Bank bailouts. Whopping corporate bonuses. Housing bubbles. Credit default swaps. Mortgage-backed derivatives. Bear markets. Global Financial Crisis. You know you’re in deep when the recession-proof legal profession starts to lay off people, when your 401(k) becomes a 201(k), when the regulators fail as much as the institutions they are meant to protect, and when the smartest minds in the room, asked to put forward solutions, start sentences with “We’ve never quite seen anything like this before.” The Great Reckoning is upon us. WHAT NOW?

Behind the Bailout Plan
An Inside Look at Two Key Players in the Saga and the Crucial Decisions They Made to Prevent the U.S. Economy from Imminent Collapse

Days of Unfettered Markets Over as New Administration Tries to Revive Economy in Intensive Care

Law Firms
Rethink Business Model in Face of Economic Meltdown

Turning East
(Way East) for Legal Services