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Real Troupers, Taking a Break from Books

What to do when you need a release from the burdens of law school? Well, yah gotta sing, yah gotta dance, yah gotta emote. At least thatís the ticket for the Light Opera Company, a hardy troupe of Penn Law students who recently staged a production of Little Shop of Horrors. And no, they were not venting about a particular class. The Light Opera Company put on its first full-length show in 1978. The troupe took its inspiration from professors Bob Gorman and Noyes Leech, who, in 1971, formed an octet to sing Christmas carols to students in the Great Hall. This evolved into annual performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and then into musical theater. The 12-member cast performed admirably this year, the show was a big hit, and no one really got eaten by a Venus Flytrap. Kudos to director and producer, Matthew Schwartz, 3L.