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Minorini’s compassion for the children and passion for the organization’s mission have been the hallmark of his leadership. “He is genuinely interested in each child and seems to know them all, in every city and every country,” says Jeanne Olivier, L’79, a BHGH national board member since 1997. “I think of Paul as the perfect leader in that it’s not about him, it’s about what the mission is for the program. He’s much more than just playing with the children. He’s motivated and energized so many people since he came in as head of the organization.”

Minorini’s work has garnered not only the praise of board members but awards from national organizations. In July, he was honored by the Elfenworks Foundation with an “In Harmony of Hope” award (as was Rosalynn Carter) for his innovative work to alleviate the impact of poverty. In April, the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership program presented Minorini with its “Inspiration Award,” given to those “who have profoundly inspired others by their character, values and actions.”
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