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He knows what a difference that made in his life and what the absence of it can mean in another child’s life. Phil is another BHGH success story. He has become an attorney, but just as easily could have been killed. He grew up in a rough part of Washington, D.C. Of his five closest friends, one is struggling with a low-paying job, two are in jail and two are dead. “I could have been one of those five if I hadn’t been given the opportunity to succeed,” Phil says.

Minorini believes Phil speaks for all of the kids in the BHGH program. “That tells you a little bit about where they might have ended up,” he says. “But I tend not to think about where they’ve been and instead focus on where they’re going.”

His favorite part of the job is interacting with the scholars, whether it’s playing a board game with kids in Brazil or directing the summer camp’s annual basketball tournament.
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