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Growing up in a working class family in suburban Chicago, he started caddying in seventh grade to supplement his father’s wages as a police officer. Neither of Minorini’s parents had gone to college, and he didn’t think he would have the opportunity either- until he learned about the Evans scholarship for caddies. Two of the men for whom he caddied saw his potential and wrote letters of recommendation, helping him land a full scholarship to Northwestern University.

At Northwestern, Minorini had an opportunity to help others the way he had been helped: He established a program in which Evans scholars tutored students from BHGH. His senior year he volunteered as a houseparent, living with eight teenage boys, cooking for them, helping them with their homework and driving them to school. Working as a counselor at a BHGH camp in Canada that summer, he fished, canoed, rappelled and camped with children who had never had such opportunities before. He also met yet another man who would shape his life.
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