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Thomas was one of those kids. After his father had kicked him out of the house, the middle schooler bedded under a New York City park bench, where he tucked newspapers over the slats to keep the snow off his head. The boy was smart but seemed headed for a future as a drug addict or teen prostitute until BHGH took him in, supported him and encouraged his success. Today, Thomas is living his dream as a U.S. Navy physician. He says the only thing that got him from under that park bench to crossing the stage for his medical school diploma was BHGH.

“I believe with every ounce of my being that every child has the potential to realize their dream,” Minorini says. “I commit myself personally and professionally to make sure as many kids as possible...have the environment and support to realize their potential and dreams and to be good human beings.”

That statement is heartfelt. Minorini knows firsthand what a difference supportive adults can make in a child’s life.
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