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Jeff Chodorow, W’72, L’75
David King, L’82
Libby Liu, L93, WG’93
Paul Schaeffer, L’71

Paul Schaeffer
If you’ve seen Donnie Brasco or Sleepy Hollow or Wild Things or The Score, you’ve seen the tiger.

It’s Mandalay Pictures’ iconic mascot, on view before the opening credits of all their theatrical movies, an eye-grabbing orange tiger emerging from a stark black-and-white jungle. Paul Schaeffer, L’71, just might feel like that tiger in reverse, leaving the black-and-white world of the law for the most colorful jungle of them all — Hollywood.

Variously described through the years, fairly or not, as a sunny spot for shady people, a town that has to be seen to be disbelieved, and a state of mind surrounded by Los Angeles, Hollywood remains a place where the world is seen through gross-colored glasses.

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