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Charlie Heimbold, L’60
Sam Pryor, L’53

His story begins at a boys camp in New Hampshire. Sam was 11 when he fell in love with the great outdoors. His roommate, a student at Taft Prep School in Connecticut introduced Pryor to the White Mountains. Thus began a lifetime of hiking, climbing, fishing, sailing and confirming Emerson’s notion that we love nature with what is best in ourselves. He studied economics and languages at Yale. One summer in 1950 he worked at a Pepsi-Cola plant and hated it. Pryor realized then he would pursue a career in law. He traveled to Columbia Law School in New York City to apply. The interview ended abruptly when it was discovered he had not taken the law boards. He called home and his father suggested he continue south to Philadelphia. Arriving at Penn Law, Pryor thumped on the large oak doors. It was mid-July and the school was empty except for a man attired in a black robe. He turned out to be former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Owen J. Roberts, who had become dean of the Law School.

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