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Jeff Chodorow, W’72, L’75
David King, L’82
Libby Liu, L93, WG’93
Paul Schaeffer, L’71

Libby Liu
When Libby Liu, L’93, WG’93, was eight years old, growing up in Silver Spring, Md., her mother, Rae Yen-Yo, was the victim of a terrible case of medical malpractice — a dentist broke a needle into her gum, then left it in there. (It came out two years later.) A slick team of attorneys descended upon Libby’s flustered parents, which only made matters worse: those who grow up in China have a terrible fear of the legal system. Scared, Mrs. Liu took a $1,000 settlement and waived her rights. “I knew my parents got ripped off,” Liu says today. “It never sat right with me.”

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