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Jeff Chodorow, W’72, L’75
David King, L’82
Libby Liu, L93, WG’93
Paul Schaeffer, L’71

David King
As CEO of LabCorp, one of the world’s largest clinical laboratories, David King, L’82, is in a good position to diagnose the ills of our health care system. The way he sees it, doctors spend too much time on episodic care rather than long-term outcomes, as if EMTS waiting for an accident to happen.

“What’s wrong with healthcare is we don’t treat people with chronic disease as a patient,” observes King. “We treat them as, today they’re in because their blood sugar’s high; tomorrow they’re in because their HDL is high. We don’t have a system in which we reward care that leads to improvement in the patient’s condition. We have a system in which we reward performance of procedures.”

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