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Whether you’re starting out, in mid-career, or in retirement, alumni can look back at Penn Law as a catalyst for a rewarding career and productive life. It is the yeast for achievement, in what is a journey of continuing education and self-discovery.

Stephanie Hales, L’07
Melissa Iachan, L’06
Adam Pollock, L’06
Melissa Iachan, L’06, Stephanie Hales, L’07, and Adam Pollock, L’06, took different paths after graduation. Iachan joined a big law firm, Hales opted for a clerkship, Pollock entered public service.

Jeff Chodorow, W’72, L’75
David King, L’82
Libby Liu, L93, WG’93
Paul Schaeffer, L’71
Don’t think a law degree is a ticket to an unforeseen, exciting career? Tell that to Jeff Chodorow, W’72, L’75, David King, L’82, Libby Liu, L93, WG’93, and Paul Schaeffer, L’71.

Charlie Heimbold, L’60
Sam Pryor, L’53
Charlie Heimbold, L’60, and Sam Pryor, L’53, prove that’s there a lot left to do as you wind down from a long life of accomplishment.

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