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Feldman said the case underscored Frenkel’s lesson that good mediators help everyone walk away with something. And it is something she continues to apply in her job as general counsel of The Judge Group, an information technology placement firm in Conshohocken, Pa. As Feldman put it, “My success is not measured in how many cases I win, but in how many cases are never brought.”

Albert van Pabst, GL’00, is another alum for whom working with Frenkel had a powerful impact. Pabst, now a diplomat in the Dutch Embassy in Beijing, China, said studying and mediating with Frenkel taught him to try to “enlarge the pie” for all parties involved in a dispute and to help them find common ground during negotiations so as to avoid losing (and bruising) court battles. Pabst said he carries these lessons with him in his diplomatic work.

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