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Three Tributes:
The Giants, in Retrospect
A. Leo levin
A. Leo Levin, L’42, spent 40 years sharing his joy in the law. He was a warm, caring mentor whose disciples span the region and the country. He shaped students’ lives like few professors, teaching them the value of pro bono work rooted in the necessity of standing for the least among us.

I have been practicing law since 1964. In those 44 years I have been asked constantly by opponents, colleagues, partners, associates, and friends why it appears that I am so passionate about what I do and about my love for the law. “Where is it from,” they ask, “that you get this passion and thrill for what you do?” I confess, I do have a love and a passion not simply for the practice of law but for the law itself. And the answer that I give to each and everyone who poses questions, and has posed those same questions throughout the last 44 years, is simple and straightforward. The answer is A. Leo Levin.
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