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Guatemala Imprisons Women with Impunity
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Caustic Mix of AIDS and Domestic Violence Endangers Women in Namibia
Establishing Rule of Law After Khmer Rouge Reign of Terror
Guatemala Imprisons Women with Impunity
Tourism Takes Toll on Ecosystem in Ecuador
Probing Police Brutality in Argentina
The 17-year-old girl's voice quivered as she testified before three judges about her discovery of a women's body in the house she cleaned. She was terrified that someone would try to kill her or her family for speaking up.

Knowing what she did about Guatemala, Silvia Diaz was frightened as well as she watched the court proceeding. She knew women face grave dangers in a country where they are routinely abducted, murdered, and imprisoned without much chance for due process or protection.

While in Guatemala for six weeks, Silvia visited prisons and monitored human rights violations against women for El Instituto de Estudioa Comparados en Ciencas, an organization that pressures Latin American governments to reform their criminal justice systems and observe human rights.
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