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Caustic Mix of AIDS and Domestic Violence Endangers Women in Namibia
Establishing Rule of Law After Khmer Rouge Reign of Terror
Guatemala Imprisons Women with Impunity
Tourism Takes Toll on Ecosystem in Ecuador
Probing Police Brutality in Argentina
Laura Conn saw a country in recovery. She heard heart-rending tales of murdered family members, witnessed the shelled remains of buildings, and sat through unintended mock trials.

Welcome to Cambodia, post-Khmer Rouge.

Nearly three decades after despotic rulers razed the countryside and killed a quarter of the population, Laura arrived in Cambodia in time for the Khmer Rouge tribunals. As Laura explains, up to a dozen people will be tried for their crimes. But more important, the tribunal will establish an historical record of the atrocities committed and she hopes move the country toward a respect for the rule of law.
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