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Andrew Ferguson L'00
Chandra Bhatnagar L'01
Cathy Carr L'79
Karen Peltz Strauss L'81
Langer & Grogan
Paula Dow, L'80
A New Civil Right depicts in technical and human terms the 40-year struggle by deaf people to communicate over distances. "History shows," says Strauss, "companies are not likely to build accessibility features into their products unless they are forced to do so by federal policies." The book details these hardfought efforts for federal laws that tunneled the path for access to telephone, television, and 911 emergency services.

Her account is first-hand. Strauss was a player in these often contentious encounters for communications access since the mid-1980s. And her book chronicles the struggle in meticulous detail before that, going back to their genesis in the 1960s.
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