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Douglas Frenkel
Douglas Frenkel L72, director of clinical programs, has been running the program since 1980.
Among the early students was Cathy Carr L79. She entered the clinic in the fall of 1978. Carr, who was in her third year, knew all about statutes, standing and precedents, but precious little about practice. She discovered this early on, when she went to City Hall in Philadelphia to file a complaint. The clerk told her she needed a praecipe (an official notice) to make the filing. Precipice, that she knew. But a praecipe? As she stood there dumbfounded, thinking that this was not covered in clinic, the clerk reached into the trash and handed her a used piece of paper flipped to its blank side and told her what to write.

I remember it (the clinic) as being an incredibly valuable experience, says Carr, who, like Schair, credits the clinic with shaping her career. She is executive director of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia. For the very first time clients shared their stories with me and looked to me to advise them. It was incredibly exciting and rewarding and also very scary.
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