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“Offering this method of study, which relies on experience rather than textbook study, is really transformative for many students,” says Douglas Frenkel L’72, director of clinical programs. “All of our students develop basic competencies. And every year, in every one of our courses, we get one or two or three students who get especially turned on by the combination of the course and the close one-on-one work. The program increasingly shapes what they do in their careers.”

That certainly held true for Erica Schair L’03, an attorney with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Clinic. “It was the best thing I did at Penn,” says Schair, who represents children in foster care. She found her calling in the Child Advocacy Clinic.” I was able to practice being a lawyer. In law school, unlike medical school or veterinary school, you’re not required to have that internship experience … But the clinic offers that to you.”

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