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No one remembers exactly when, or how, it happened. But one day in the late 1970s a small group of devoted students let their fears coalesce into action. They staged a Sixties-style protest on campus, hoisting placards with an emphatic message: Donít close the Clinic!

Never mind that the rumors were more speculation than fact. Mere rumblings about the administrationís intention to cut costs by targeting the Clinic were enough to arouse studentsí ire. Easy to say now, but looking back, they neednít have worried. The Clinic, which is observing its 30th anniversary this year, has become an indelible feature of the curriculum.

Today, the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies, so named in 1996, is moored to the Law School. It is a laboratory of constant innovation and a valuable, as well as popular, training ground for would-be lawyers who want to learn how to practice law by working with clients.

Clinic timeline: 1976-1986
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