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Chang's accomplishments, however, have been far from ordinary: Graduating at the top of his high school class, he was automatically granted a seat at Taiwan's National Chengchi University, one of the nation's top schools for social sciences. In 2001 he was selected as a “young leader of Taiwan,” and introduced to Bill Clinton. After graduating with a double major in law and international relations, he spent a year and a half working for Taiwan's biggest law firm, Lee & Li Attorney at Law. He later served as an aide in the Taiwanese senate, where he drafted a petition to legalize direct charter flights between Taiwan and mainland China.

In 2002, he was accepted to Penn Law School. Working closely with Professor Jacques DeLisle, whom he admires for his approachability and insight into East Asian issues, he’s prepared for a career that will expand far beyond the small island nation where he was born.

“Nowadays there are so many international transactions, so when I was working in Taiwan I had to understand a lot about other nations’ laws,” he explains. “A lot of Taiwanese law such as corporate law and securities law is modeled on the very latest concept of American law.”
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