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Zukin will have a chance to implement what she's learned this spring. To prevent a depopulation of Tulane's student body, Penn Law asked that all twelve visiting students return to their home school after one semester. While most of the students were ready to return to New Orleans, An Bui Thu found it difficult to leave the life she'd found as a 1L at Penn Law.

“There is a lot of bonding that goes on within a section at Penn, because we're always together. But in some sense I tried to keep myself at arm's length. I didn't want to get too attached, because I knew I would have to go back,” Thu said.

The students, now reinstalled at Tulane, report that the law school is working hard to reestablish normalcy, repairing the minor damage that the storm inflicted on the campus and nearly doubling the course offerings to make up for the lost semester.

According to Jami Vibbert, life at Tulane Law is busier than ever. Student groups are organizing meetings at a record pace and reunited friends are eager to celebrate. “Otherwise, it feels pretty normal,” she said. “As normal as law school can be, I guess.”
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