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Students Launch New Publication Devoted to International Law

Students Launch New Publication Devoted to International Law
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ONE INDICATION that the study of international law is gaining more currency at Penn Law is a new student publication, the Journal of International Law & Policy. The first issue, available online, came out in August.

The publication is an outgrowth of the International Law Organization (ILO), formed in 2002. Students created the ILO as a vehicle to increase the scope and depth of international scholarship at the law school. Before too long, students in the group began to explore ways to create a journal. They enlisted the aid of Trustee Professor of Law Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., submitted a business plan, elected an editorial board, and recruited a staff of thirty, led by Editor-in-Chief Matthew Brady. (The current editor is Joseph Wheatley.)

The first issue includes, among its nine articles, a comparative study of U.S. and Taiwan Law, a look at international efforts to harmonize commercial law, and a discussion of compensation of war victims in Iraq and Afghanistan. The yearly publication will next publish this spring.

The Journal of International Law & Policy joins an imposing roster of four well-regarded student publications – the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Journal of Labor and Employment Law, Journal of Constitutional Law, and the Journal of International Economic Law. But unlike those, for now there will be no print edition.

Still, Wheatley is quite pleased with what he and his staff have created. "In our first semester as 1Ls, when a couple of us proposed to start a journal, we never imagined that we would get this far."

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