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In September, the University of Pennsylvania Law School paid tribute to five alumnae who elevated women's place in the law. At a unique event ("a different kind of confirmation hearing," in the words of Dean Michael A. Fitts), renowned female jurists Phyllis A. Kravitch L'44, Norma L. Shapiro L '51, Dolores K. Sloviter L'56, Deborah T. Poritz L'77, and Yvonne Mokgoro GL'90 were honored in a portrait unveiling ceremony in the Levy Conference Center.

See article: A Woman's Place is on the Bench

A Woman's Place is on the Bench
Someone had to carry the torch. Why not them? Meet five women who battled discrimination and heavy odds to become judges and justices. They had guts, they had brains, they had stamina - and they used these attributes to climb all the way to the top, in a profession long closed to them, thus lighting a path for other women to follow. And follow they did - up to the Supreme Court.

African-Americans Reach Out to One Another in New Alumni Group
A new day is rising for African-American alumni. This ascension derives from a new group, the Penn African-American Law Alumni Society (PAALAS) which, in tandem with the Black Law Students Association, gives people of color a voice in school affairs. Goal one is to help fund a professorship in the names of Sadie T.M. Alexander - the first black woman to graduate from Penn Law - and her husband, Raymond Pace Alexander.

Witness to the New Frontier
Not many people know firsthand what goes on in the Oval Office. Myer (Mike) Feldman does. For three years that defined an era, he stood by President Kennedy's side. As a top aide, Feldman witnessed the young president stare down Khrushchev, observed John Glenn hurtle into space, and watched Martin Luther King rally the nation to the cause of civil rights - until it all came to grief. Quite a journey for a young kid from the slums of Philadelphia.

The World According to Charles Hill
Charles Hill ranges over international issues - terrorism, the Middle East, and the role of the United Nations - with cosmopolitan flair, his erudition cultivated through years as a diplomat and advisor to Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, and former U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. These days, Hill shares his big ideas and classical knowledge with students at Yale, but it is here, at Penn Law, that he learned how to think.

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