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Of his years at Penn Law, Hill reminisced that it was a "major intellectual" experience, "a shaping force on me ever since." He added: "There I first began to grasp the vital skill of analytical reasoning Ö All these scholars of the law (Paul Mishkin, Jefferson Fordham, James Haskins) remain vividly present in my mind, not least because they terrified me so much Ö"

He began his career in 1963 as a vice consul in Zurich and in 1964, served as a Chinese-language officer in Taiwan. In 1966 he was dispatched to Hong Kong as a political officer. He was mission coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Saigon from 1971 to 1973, and then in the State Department as China cultural exchange negotiator. He was involved in the 1974 Panama Canal talks, then became a member of the policy planning staff as a speechwriter for Secretary of State Kissinger in 1975. From 1985 to 1989, Hill served as executive aide to former Secretary of State Shultz. He was special consultant on policy to the U.N. secretary-general from 1992 to 1996.

Hillís Yale colleague Brooks wrote in a New York Times Op-Ed piece that over the years a "cult of Hill" developed. "Students would go to him outside class, seeking guidance about life... Hill made time for them," Brooks wrote. "He didnít hem and haw; he rendered judgments... some rebelled against his self-confident opinions, but others were drawn by his sense of seriousness, his aura of great purpose..."

Today the man who has been a witness to a world turned upside down lives with his wife in a secluded 18th century farmhouse on the edge of the Yale campus. There Charles Hill is preparing yet another course. This time on some intriguing aspects of war: revolution, crime, sex, film, architecture and more. Heíll be presenting it through the lens of a single city: Shanghai. Be assured, it will be a class like no other

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