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KENNETH GELBURD LĎ80, assistant regional counsel at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protectionís Southeastern Regional Office, was a faculty member at the National Association of Attorneys General Continuing Legal Education seminar in Washington, D.C. His presentation was "Regulators, the Automatic Stay and the Discretionary Stay."

CHRISTINE F. LI Lí80, a partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP, has co-authored New Jersey Condominium & Community Association Law. The book is a practical guide to the rights and obligations of common property ownership. Li practices condominium and planned real estate development law.

MARJORIE A. MEYERS Lí82 has been appointed public defender for the Southern District of Texas.

STEPHANIE L. FRANKLIN-SUBER Lí82 was voted first vice chair of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. Franklin-Suber is a partner in the business and finance department of Ballard Sphar Andrews, & Ingersoll, LLP.

LYNN R. AXELROTH Lí83 presented "Financial Performance Agreements" at the Fall Meeting of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry. Axelroth has recently completed a three-year term as a member of the Governing Committee of the Forum on the Construction Industry, and was the founding member and first chair of Forumís Division of Owners and Lenders. She is also managing partner at Ballard Sphar Andrews, & Ingersoll, LLP.

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