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“I believe the real strength of the Levy program is the contact with people practicing law,” McCann says. “When I came to Penn, I did not truly understand the wealth of opportunities available to me or how to find careers that would allow me to focus on both the law and bioethical issues. I am beginning to understand more about what I can choose to do after law school and how to go after what I want.”

Another goal is to recruit the best students, to persuade them to choose Penn Law over other top law schools. On that score, so far, so good.

Willis, who worked for a publisher and law firms after college, says he considered several law schools before deciding on Penn, where he found the combination of the interdisciplinary environment and the Levy Scholars Program compelling reasons to enroll.

Alison Lothes, who graduated from Dartmouth with a biology degree, worked as a marketing analyst and paralegal at an intellectual property law firm before turning her attention to law school. Her interests range from Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution to International Law. Predisposed to Penn Law after a visit, the Levy Scholars Program clinched the deal.

“The Levy Scholars Program was a huge incentive for me because I had received financial aid from other schools, and this was a deciding factor,” Lothes says.

Which pleases Paul Levy to no end. “I wanted to break the dynamic of top students choosing a law school solely based on school ranking because Penn Law offers students compelling opportunities that are simply not available at other schools, whatever their ranking,” Levy says. “My hope is that over a long period of time Levy Scholars will go on to prove that Penn is a great place and that cross-disciplinary study is essential in a modern world and a key to success.”

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