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THE STRENGTH OF A GREAT LIBRARY is determined by both its collection and its services. Biddle’s international and foreign law collection is one of the strongest in the country, and our expertise in utilizing these materials is called upon daily by not just the faculty and students at Penn Law but by attorneys throughout the country as well. In the last issue of the Penn Law Journal, I invited alumni to participate in the life of Biddle, and I want to repeat that offer in specific terms with our foreign and international law collection and services. Whether your question relates to the service of process in a foreign country, or is a more challenging issue such as a recent request for the rule of Belgium royal succession in 1900, we think we can be of service to you.

In the area of foreign law we collect materials both in the original languages and in English. Our collection for England is extensive for both current and historical materials. We have a full collection for Canadian legislation at both the national and provincial level. Other common law countries are also represented.

For continental European countries, Biddle has the laws in the original language and in English when available. We also collect book about the law in English. For European countries, we collect primary materials in the vernacular as well as secondary sources in English and occasionally in the original language. Our collection on Asian countries includes English language materials on the laws of China, Japan and Korea. South America and Africa are also represented in our collection. In addition we have many multivolume sets which bring together the laws of many countries on specific subjects in English. For example, Commercial Laws of the World covers about 130 countries.

We also have an outstanding collection of books and periodicals on public international law in English as well as a strong research collection for selected private transnational law subjects, also in English. Biddle acquires documents including treaty collections of major international organizations, both global and regional, as well as treaty collections from the United States and the United Kingdom. We have an exhaustive collection of bilateral tax treaties. Our human rights collection is very strong as well. Other organizations for which we collect extensively include the United Nations, the European Community, the Council of Europe, GATT/WTO, and others.

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