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That collegiality carries over to this day, according to Rachel. “All the students go out of their way to help each other out,” she said. “The first year you’re bummed because you’re in the basement, but I think that brings the class together – it’s kind of like boot camp.”

The quality of professors remains another common thread. Both Tolls remember their favorite professors. Rachel favors Bruce Mann’s unique approach – he read Ann Landers to every class – and Jason Johnston’s digressions that make “you care about things you wouldn’t necessarily have thought about.” Bob recalls Leo Levin’s animated personality, Curtis Reitz’ low-key style, and Bernard Wolfman’s analytical bent. Of Wolfman, he says: “He could take a hair and split it until you couldn’t see it any more, then split it one more time.”

All in all, Bob credits the faculty with teaching him life lessons. “Except for a couple of teachers in my avant-garde elementary school, this was the only place that I learned anything,” Bob says. “You learned a way to think that made you for the rest of your life.”

To which Rachel adds: “We’re like a little family” at the law school.

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