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Strolling in Tanenbaum Hall
Students stroll in Tanenbaum Hall.
students from the Far East enriches American students and creates a cross-fertilization that complements the law school’s emerging interest in promoting studies across disciplines. “A lot of learning and thinking occurs between fields,” says Law School Dean Michael A.Fitts. “Penn is at the forefront of this academic effort. The law school is better positioned than any other law school in the country to take advantage of its other professional schools.”

Next fall, for instance, the law school expects up to twenty students to enter the new Levy Scholars Program, a groundbreaking effort that will give incoming students a chance to expand their intellectual horizons and explore their interests in law-related subjects such as real estate, finance, bioethics, engineering and communications. Students can also cross campus to earn a certificate in business and public policy at the Wharton School. Not only are students studying at various professional schools, but professors from those schools are teaching at the law school.

Fitts says the curriculum still features all of the traditional core courses, such as civil procedure, contracts and property. And while it remains critical, he says, to teach students the basics - how to gather facts, exercise critical thinking, and build an argument - those are no longer enough for many students.

“We recognize now that lawyers are going to do more than simply analyze cases,” Fitts says. “They negotiate. They run organizations. They lobby. They analyze balance sheets. They do all of these things, and it requires traditional lawyer skills, but it may be helpful to learn these other abilities as well.”
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