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Segal Dies; Father of Noted Law School Lecture Series (continued)
By Hon. Arlin Adams

With such a distinguished career in law, it’s hard to imagine that Segal almost took another direction. After high school he mulled a career in theater. His wife, Eleanor (“Pom”), said he received a scholarship to a performing arts school, but his mother feared he would not earn a living and talked him out of it. Still, with prodding from family, he found time later in life to pursue his artistic interests.

“He just worked a lot … We kept begging him to develop some hobbies,” Mrs. Segal said. Segal collected sculpture and was an accomplished photographer, and he continued to learn new things in his older years. He took up golf at age 65, became an enthusiastic pianist at 70, and mastered computers at 84. He also wrote an autobiography May It Please the Court!

He is survived by his wife Eleanor (“Pom”) CW ’41; daughters Betsyann Carter and Kathy Segal; and son Robert.

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