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He looks forward to a future in which he will be cutting back on work. “I want to loaf a little bit now.” And he looks forward with enthusiasm to the future of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, which has changed so much in his lifetime. But, is he nostalgic for the way things once were?

“Evolution is good! You’ve got to progress, whatever you do. You can’t be static.”

With that Mr. Carano rises from his chair and escorts his guest on a tour of the artifacts he has collected from around the world, and those that were currency from his clients who had nothing more than a brass-gilded treasure box to compensate him for his legal services. Such compensation lasts longer than the slabs of meat, the chickens, and perishable foods with which poor clients paid him during the Depression.

The University of Pennsylvania Law School will remain grateful for the gift Frank Carano has given to future students – an investment in teaching at Penn. He will be recognized for his career accomplishments and for his extraordinary gift at a gala dinner in the coming months.

Frank Carano was a subject of Biddle Law Library’s Legal Oral History Project. A video interview and transcript are available through Associate Director and Project Manager Ed Greenlee.
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