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How Lawyers Aid the Response 1 - 2

How Lawyers Aid The Response

Ground Zero

“Our longstanding strengths and skills were further galvanized by these events,” says Glen A. Tobias W’63, L’66, National Chair of the Board of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). “For example, we’re exposing the vicious anti-Semitism being disseminated throughout the Arab world and its connection to extremist groups in our own country. And we’re aggressively working to challenge efforts to blame the terrorism on Israel or on America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. At the same time, we are speaking out strongly against bigotry targeted at innocent Americans who are Arab or Muslim. If you’re in the business of fighting hate, you’re only credible if you fight for all people.”

The ADL is uniquely qualified to advise the government and organizations on the delicate balance between national security considerations and preserving individual civil liberties. The ADL issues publications and guidelines to organizations worldwide to facilitate tolerance education. At the same time the group is involved in advising the legislative bodies of government.

“The ADL works with law enforcement to identify extremists and bring them out into the limelight. We work with the legislature – our Model Hate Crime Statute has been enacted in 43 states. We played a role in advising the government in creating the new anti-terrorism legislation.”

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