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Penn Law
Levy Conference Center Dedication

On the Occasion of the 2000 Benefactors Dinner
and the
Dedication of the Levy Conference Center
at the University of Pennsylvania Law School

A Dedicatory Address Delivered by
Michael A. Fitts, Dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law

November 16, 2000

Welcome, I hope you are enjoying this eveningís festivities and the rich array of Sesquicentennial Year events. And, of course Ė your first full week of Presidential election intrigue. As a certified political junkie, let me say that, whomever you supported last week, we can all agree on certain good news and bad news in the results, or lack thereof.

First, the good news. With the election over, the price of timeshares in the Lincoln Bedroom has dropped precipitously. For those looking for a good investment opportunity, the moment is now. Given the inevitable increase in campaign expenditures, I can guarantee your purchase will turn out to be a savvy business venture. Especially in the later years. Namely, the third and fourth.

Penn Law students who took my Election Law class last year thinking this would be an irrelevant topic have learned otherwise. For the next week or so, they may be the most employable, and quoted, lawyers in the country.

Finally, we all should be happy that we wonít have to listen to any more jokes about Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, and Bill Clinton. I suspect they will be glad too. At least when they watch Jay Leno. And, as Dean of Penn Law School, Iím pleased to report that the Law School has just received over 50 applications from jittery Gore and Bush campaign workers, who are now hedging their professional bets and applying to law school.

On the bad news side of the ledger, there have been no Nader or Buchanan applications. They apparently didnít have any campaign workers. A number of people are also scrambling anxiously for new material - comedy writers for Jay Leno. Bill Clinton impersonators. And Deans addressing alumni dinners. Continued . . .


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