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Howard Chang

Howard Chang presented “Incentives to Settle Under Joint and Several Liability: An Empirical Analysis of Superfund Litigation,” co-authored with Hilary Sigman, at the 1999 annual meetings of the American Law and Economics Association at Yale Law School, and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Summer Institute in Cambridge. He presented the paper “A Liberal Theory of Social Welfare: Fairness, Utility, and the Pareto Principle” at seminars at Penn Law School and at the Georgetown University Law Center. He also served as a discussant at a Wharton School conference on Environmental Contracts and Regulatory Innovation in September 1999 and at the annual meeting of the Econometric Society in January 2000.

The Effect of Offer-of-Settlement Rules on the Terms of Settlement, with Lucian Bebchuk, 28 Journal of Legal Studies 489 (1999).
The Economic Effects of Immigration and the Case for Liberalizing Reforms, 4 Bender’s Immigration Bulletin 497 (1999).
The Incentives to Settle Under Joint and Several Liability: An Empirical Analysis of Superfund Litigation, with Hilary Sigman, 29 Journal of Legal Studies 205 (2000).
The Economic Analysis of Immigration Law, in Migration Theory: Talking Across the Disciplines (Forthcoming 2000).

Jacques deLisle

Jacques deLisle was named a senior fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in 1999. He presented papers on the law and politics of Taiwan’s international status at Harvard University’s Taiwan Studies Colloquium, Penn’s Center for East Asian Studies Social Sciences Colloquium, and the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s China series. His commentaries, “Who’s Afraid of Falun Gong?” and “The Taiwan Question” were published as Foreign Policy Research Institute E-notes and reprinted in China Online, Free China Journal, Taiwan Security Research and other media. Also, he spoke on “Making the Market in China: Economic Aims, Political Constraints and the Construction of a Legal Framework for Reform and Opening to the Outside World” and gave a series of lectures on Chinese politics at the Center for Asian Studies, Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal.

Fifty Years After the Revolution, Op-Ed article in Philadelphia Inquirer (9/26/99).
Who’s Afraid of Falun Gong?, Foreign Policy Research Institute (e-note) (1999).
The Taiwan Question, in Foreign Policy Research Institute (e-note) (1999).
The Chinese Puzzle of Taiwan’s Status, 43 Orbis (Winter 2000).
The P.R.C.’s Population and Family Planning Policies: Legal Issues and Social Consequences in the Mainland and the United States, in Social Changes in Taiwan and the Mainland: The Question of the Family (Fu-jen Ta-hsheh She-hui Wen-hua Yen-chiu Chung-hsin, 1999) (a conference volume on Social Changes and the Family on the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan).

William Ewald

Legal History and Comparative Law, Zeitschrift für Europäisches, Privatrecht, Vol. 3, 553-559 (1999).
Cumberland and the Reform of Natural Law, in Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik (Forthcoming 2000).

Michael A. Fitts

This Fall, Michael A. Fitts participated in a panel on Campaign Finance at the American Political Science Association Convention, and in conferences on Law and Political Parties at a symposium at Columbia University Law School, and on Political Parties at a symposium sponsored by the MIT Department of Political Science. On March 6, 2000 he was appointed Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

The Complicated Ingredients of Wisdom and Leadership, Harvard Blackletter Law Journal (Forthcoming 2000).

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