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Matthew Adler

Matthew Adler presented “Implementing Cost-Benefit Analysis When Preferences are Distorted,” co-authored with Eric Posner, at the Symposium on Cost-Benefit Analysis at the University of Chicago Law School in September 1999. He also presented “Personal Rights and Rule-Dependence” at the Symposium on Rights and Rules, at Columbia Law School in October 1999. Adler was a co-organizer of both symposia. In addition, Adler presented “Rethinking Cost-Benefit Analysis” at the Public Policy and Management Brown Bag Seminar, at the Wharton School, in December 1999.

Anita Allen-Castellitto

Anita Allen-Castellitto was a panel speaker on “Privacy: Politics and Ideology” at the Wolfson Center for National Affairs of the New School for Social Research on October 11, 1999 and on “Women in Cyberspace” at the Stanford University Law School Conference “Cyberspace and Privacy” February 7, 2000. Also, she lectured at the symposium “Contexts for Diversity, Europe and North America” on September 30, 1999 at the University of Michigan. In September 1999 Allen-Castellitto was awarded the Alain Locke Excellence Award by Howard University for her contributions to legal philosophy.

Privacy Law, with Richard Turkington (West Publishing Company, 1999).
Affirmative Action: Moral Success and Political Failure, in Combating Racial Discrimination: Affirmative Action as a Model for Europe? ed. Erna Appelt and Monica Jarosch (London: Berg Publishers, 1999).
Privacy and the Public Official, 67 George Washington Law Review 1165 (1999).
Coercing Privacy, 40 William and Mary Law Review 723 (1999).
Confronting Moral Theories: Gewirth in Context, in Gewirth: Critical Essays on Action, Rationality and Community, ed. Michael Boylan (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 1999).
Lying to Protect Privacy, 44 Villanova Law Review 161 (1999).
The Social Contract in American Case Law (17th Annual Dunwoody Lecture), 51 University of Florida Law Review 723 (1999).

Regina Austin

Regina Austin participated in a program on the Pursuit of Diversity in Science and Technical Education held at Drexel University in October in which she spoke of the roles science and technology have played in perpetuating environmental injustice in Chester, Pennsylvania. In November she delivered a paper “Contextual Analysis, Discrimination, and Fast Food” at a centennial conference at the John Marshall Law School.

Stephen B. Burbank

Stephen B. Burbank, David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice, presented a lecture on “The Class Action in American Securities Regulation” to a group of German lawyers and bankers in Frankfurt, Germany in October, and to a faculty workshop at Boston College Law School in November. The revised lecture will appear (in English) in a German journal on international procedure in March 2000. In November, Burbank served as convenor and moderator at a Symposium on Mass Torts sponsored by the David Berger Program on Complex Litigation, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States, and the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review will publish the papers and commentary with an introduction by Professor Burbank. He continues to participate in meetings of the State Department’s study group formed to advise the United States delegation that is negotiating a treaty on jurisdiction and judgments at the Hague and attended the first meeting of the Advisers to the American Law Institute’s Jurisdiction and Judgments Project in November. Professor Burbank is a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Amicus Curiae Committee of the American Judicature Society and also serves as Co-Chair of the Society’s Center for Judicial Independence.

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