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In a completely different arena, Daley was GE’s lead lawyer in the 1995 joint venture between NBC (a GE subsidiary) and Microsoft that formed MSNBC as both a global 24-hour news and information channel and an interactive online Internet-based news and information service.  “While we now take the very existence of the Web for granted, and while we may now consider the convergence of television and the PC inevitable, the GE-Microsoft deal was truly electrifying - it redefined the way people get their news and information,” Daley recalls.  “And dealing with Microsoft was another cross-cultural experience!” she laughs.   Daley is awed by the experiences she has had as a lawyer.  “I call it the ‘Exploding Universe Theory.’

For me, coming from a wonderful international practice at a wonderful firm, to join a company like GE – the universe simply exploded because we play in every arena in virtually every place around the globe in a remarkable set of businesses.  In one company you have literally a whole career’s worth of diversity.  Boredom is never an issue.”

Will Daley return to her first love of teaching?  After all, most teachers probably daydream about Pam Daley’s life: traveling extensively in Asia, Europe, and the Americas; doing deals that make the front page of The New York Times and finding herself on the cover of The American Lawyer; and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the leaders of the global Fortune 500.

The answer is ‘yes.’  While in Philadelphia in the 1980s Daley was a lecturer at Penn Law teaching Partnership Taxation for eight years.  Based mainly in the Metropolitan New York region, Daley co-taught a class on deals to law and business students at Columbia University this past Fall.  The professors taught the theory and issues, then brought in the actual “deal do-ers” to lecture.  Daley presented GE Power System’s billion dollar pan-European acquisition of Alstom’s heavy-duty gas turbine business in 1999.  “It was a real pleasure bringing the deal world to life for an extremely  bright group of students using the Socratic method.”

Keeping homes in New York City, Maryland, and Maine, Daley confesses that her limited leisure time is spent in the main with her husband, Randy Phelps, and her stepson, Nick.  Given her whirlwind schedule, it is no surprise that her valuable downtime is spent enjoying the quiet, contemplative pursuits of cooking, gardening, sailing, spoiling her two cats and, of course, reading.  And, perhaps daydreaming about a syllabus that would reflect her career accomplishments— if one course could do them justice.  The subjects covered might comprise an entire degree.