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Master(s) Stroke: New Dual Degree, in French and English

Starting this fall, the Law School will be offering a true multicultural experience with a new dual Master's degree program in International Finance and Law. The program will be taught in both French and English, with core courses in management, finance, corporate law and international law.

The first year features studies in finance at Sciences Po in Paris, where degree candidates can take courses in everything from financial macroeconomics to international trade to mergers and acquisitions. Students earn a Master of Laws during the second year at Penn Law School. Courses include Commercial Law, Intellectual Property & the Internet, International Law, Public Interest/Human Rights, Trade Law, and Securities snd Banking.

"Sciences Po and Penn Law curricula are perfectly complementary as they address two subjects are that are, in many cases, merging," said Eole Rapone L'11, who completed the degree before the official launch of the program. "Business Law and Finance are two fields often intertwined, and being able to navigate with ease between them is an extremely valuable asset."

Sciences Po is a premier research institution that draws students from 130 countries.