The Brief: Law School News and Events

Germany is Setting for Course on Telecommunications

The Global Research Seminar (GRS) is living up to its name. Since the beginning of the program in 2010, students have been to Italy and Japan. This fall, they go to Germany.

Professor Christopher Yoo will be teaching a course on comparative telecommunications policy. The course will examine structural issues, such as government ownership and federalism, shaping Internet policy. Students will meet with regulators and other stakeholders in Washington, D.C., before heading to Germany and Brussels in the spring to visit the German Constitutional Court, German regulatory agencies, Deutsche Telecom, and the EU Directorate charged with regulating telecommunications.

Penn Law and German law students will also collaborate on a research project and publish their findings.

The GRS is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop substantive expertise on an issue as well as key professional and cross-cultural skills. The program integrates practical and academic learning and exposes students to the law in action.