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In Memoriam

Janet Elizabeth Macht L'46 Court observer for Delaware Valley, Crime Commission

William L. Huganir L'47 Lawyer in Norristown, Pa. and playwright

Robert P. Frankel L'48 Former hospital executive and Philadelphia lawyer

Alvin E. Granite L'51 Former Gloucester County (N.J.) prosecutor and municipal court judge

Harrison Ominsky W'53, L'56 Former partner with Blank Rome and past president of the Philadelphia Bar Institute

Franklin H. Spitzer C'48, L'51 Former partner at Wolf Block and former solicitor for the Pennsylvania Prison Society

David M. Satz, Jr. L'51 Former U.S. attorney for New Jersey

Philip Carroll L'52

Joseph S. Elmaleh C'49, L'52, GEE '71 Attorney, computer engineer and colonel in the Army Reserve

Theodore Coxe L'53 Attorney and philanthropist

Paul Carpenter G. Dewey L'56 Former chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association

Daniel T. Deane , Jr. C'51, L'57 Veteran of World War II and the Korean War

Honorable Melvin D. Glass C'53, L'58 Retired judge on New York City Criminal Court

Donald D. Kennedy L'60 Former executive with National Liberty Corp.

Henry F. Miller L'63 Real estate attorney with Wolf Block and Cozen O'Conner

Edward Parry Warner L'70 Former partner at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippell LLP

Brian Bromberger GL'71 Dean and distinguished professor of law at Loyola University New Orleans

Richard P. Hamilton L'72 Retired certified public accountant

Timothy D. Norwood L'72 Partner with law firm Underwood & Norwood

Donald T. Masters , Jr. L'76 Attorney, entrepreneur and Vietnam War veteran

John Toscano L'78 Former assistant district attorney of Philadelphia and attorney for Seltzer Caplan McMahon & Vitek in San Diego

Peter Nordberg L'85 Shareholder, Berger & Montague P.C.

Robert F. McDonough L'86 Financial services attorney for Polsinelli Shughart

Laura M. Rivkin L'90 Deputy attorney general in the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety