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New Video Revisits Historic Life of Sadie Alexander

Sadie T.M. Alexander, ED’18, GR’21, L’27A year-and-a-half after establishing a civil rights chair in honor of Sadie T.M. Alexander, ED’18, GR’21, L’27, and her husband, Raymond, the Law School has produced a video in tribute to her life. The video will be streamed on our Web site, and DVDs will be available to alumni upon request. The video was produced and directed by three law students enrolled in Professor Regina Austin’s Visual Legal Advocacy seminar. The students are Haley Goldman, L’09, Melissa Mao, L’09, and B.B. Liu, who graduated in May. Credit for the concept goes to Austin and Law School Events Coordinator Ann Gavin, whose mother is a math teacher at the Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander University of Pennsylvania Partnership School in West Philadelphia. The narrator is Melanie Breaux, L’07. Interviews with students at the school are interspersed with narrative of Sadie’s momentous career. Sadie Alexander was the first African-American woman to graduate from Penn Law. To see the video, please go here.