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The Hard Road to Reconciliation

A camp dedicated to healing Middle east divisions tucked away in the Maine woods. A region of Uganda ravaged by civil war. A refugee center in Ghana housing victims of human rights abuses in Liberia. These are the sites of comprehensive efforts to mediate conflict and bring peace. In each case, there's a Penn Law connection.

Waging Peace in Africa: How do you make people whole again in lands marred by violence, riven by tribal factions and ill-served by corrupt governments? You start by bearing witness. More

Digging for painful truths and documenting the horrors of the Civil War: Students in the Transnational Legal Clinic Heard Story after Story at a Refugee Camp in Ghana. The tales of murder, plunder, fear and separation from home made for a soul-searing experience. More

Trying to forge Mideast peace one camper at a time: Twenty years ago, at Camp David, President Carter brokered a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. In recent years, at another camp, to which a well-known Penn alumnus devotes much energy, youths embroiled in regional conflict are stretching out their hands to one another. Can they show our leaders the way? More