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Tart Reform
Professor Tobias Wolff

Professor Tobias Wolff savors the aroma of a rich, fragrant sauce during Penn Law’s version of the Iron Chef competition.

Two teams cooked, stirred, whirred and blended in hopes of capturing the crown for the best dishes. The teams: Penn Law professor Jacques deLisle and Temple law professor Jonathan Lipson; Penn Law professor Eric Feldman and Anne Kringle, senior lecturer and legal writing director at Penn Law. They had an hour and 15 minutes to prepare a three-course meal and make judges swoon. Lipson and deLisle won for their coconut-themed meal. The appetizer was fish, assorted vegetables and a dash of coconut; the main course was a Thai chicken curry featuring mushrooms and coconut milk; dessert was coconut-chocolate chip cookies topped with coconut maroon and garnished with chocolate sauce and multicolored mini-marshmallows. Wolff, donning a velvet vest, served as master of ceremonies.