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James Francis Lawler, L’51 of Philadelphia died on June 15. Born in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, Mr. Lawler was placed in St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys in West Philadelphia during the Depression. He had to turn down a scholarship to St. Joseph’s College because he could not afford room and board. He went to work instead, using his income from a Campbell Soup factory to support his family. He was drafted into the Army in 1943. Mr. Lawler was wounded in combat in Holland in 1944 and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. After law school, Mr. Lawler established a law firm in Philadelphia with Isidor Ostroff. He successfully argued the “Iron Curtain Act” before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He retired from practicing law in 1979. In addition to his wife, Anna Marie, Mr. Lawler is survived by five sons, Denis, Terence, Rory, Timothy and Brendan; daughters Marie Keidel and Jamie Rosati; 18 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; a brother; and a sister.

Percy C. Madeira III, L ‘39 of Rosemont, Pa. died on Jan. 16. He is survived by his daughter, Margaret; three stepchildren, Andrew, Charles and Deborah; and a brother.
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