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Howard Gittis, Philadelphia Lawyer, Adviser to Ron Perelman, and Penn Law Benefactor
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Those skills would serve Gittis well at MacAndrews & Forbes, where he spent 22 years after serving as Perelman’s lawyer. At the funeral service in New York, Perelman said company general counsel, Barry Schwartz, recently gave Mr. Gittis a biography of Edward Bennett Williams, the famous and powerful Washington lawyer. The title of the book was “The Man to See.” Perelman said that was also an apt description of Howard Gittis, who left a “profound, strong, positive memory” on friends, colleagues, and family.

Mr. Gittis is survived by daughters Caroline Werther, L’C’83, L’86, Hope Sheft, C’86, Marjorie Katz, and Emily Lambert; sister Lenore; seven grandchildren, and his former wives, Sondra Gittis and Lynette Harding Gittis.
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